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About Me

I create and sell Custom Cards by GiGi. Each card is fashioned differently and made with the customer in mind.  Human hands and not a machine create them all.  Custom Cards by GiGi are kept longer and appreciated much more than those found in regular retail stores. Custom Cards by GiGi are actually 'gift cards'. In other words they are special cards that are gifts from the heart. More often they look and speak to what the giver truly wants to convey.  Plus, they are far more valued than regular greeting cards, gift cards, money, or other material gifts.


I have always been artsy. My twin sister and I learned to sew, crochet, knit, and create paper projects before we were ten years old. I later learned hand lettering, cake decorating, water coloring, floral arranging, and event planning and decorating. All were great experiences and brought genuine personal satisfaction.


But when I discovered handmade card making three years ago I knew this was a gift that I was meant to share. So I quickly learned how to tie together all the arts I loved and developed Custom Cards by GiGi.  Custom greeting card making allows me to express my love and gratitude to family and friends on a very special and heartfelt level.  So, I am excited to share with you the same feeling I receive when giving Custom Cards by GiGi.  Visit my site, scroll through the cards made through the years and let me say in art what you want to express in a ‘gift card’.

I named my card business after my wonderful 16 year old schnauzer, GiGi.  She's a wonderful dog with a beautiful name that perfectly fits her,  just like a grandma or great aunt's name.  Here are my logo and the real GiGi.




Genita Anderson




GiGi logo.png

Customer Feedback

“Custom Cards by Gigi are beautifully handcrafted, and wondrously colorful greeting cards.  They speak to me in a war and personal way.  The color palates and textures are displayed in ways that I find pleasing to my eyes and touch.  I love these cards and the designer is truly blessed and gifted with God’s Eye.” , 2018

Much love,

Cheryl Brown-Raines

Attorney at Law

3960 Broadway Boulevard

Suite 145-A

Garland, Texas 75043

GiGi Cards are so well crafted and exquisitely created. Every one I have has been so beautifully designed and has always touched my heart by its beauty and expression, whether it was for a special occasion or just a note to let me know I was thought of that day. The illustration in each card is unique in design and they all hold a very special place in my heart(and my keepsake box) so I can go back and read them whenever I want.

Thanks Genita for sharing your gift😉 JK, 2018

I love cards that say just what I’m feeling to family and friends. Often I feel as the Custom Cards by GiGi speak from the heart and soul. I have received and purchased GiGi cards for Easter, Christmas and received birthday cards and holiday cards that brighten my day from GiGi! Her cards are inspirational, diverse and add a little special love for any event. I’m always excited to give a special person a “special” card and love when I’m on the receiving end as well.  LK, Chicago, Ill 2018

I love my cards!!! They fit our company brand and is well received by everyone we send them out to.  Glad we spent the money to mail these little pieces of art to each of our clients and subcontractors.  It communicates how special we think they are.  We’ll be back for more cards for our next event ☺️ Pat, Frisco, Tx 2018

I have requested birthday, anniversary, and special holiday cards from Genita and they have all been personalized, intricately done and most importantly given that special touch only Genita could deliver.  The cards are treated as heirlooms in my family.  Their is no gift more special than a card that’s made especially for your love one.  DS, Plano, Tx 2018

I love to send personal cards to express my appreciation, sympathy or send greetings via the 'mail.' I was SO excited to be introduced to Genita's customized greeting cards. I ordered several kinds and always receive comments about the wonderful cards I send. I recently had a set made for my sorority sisters and they are just so pretty and personal. The cards are very creative and the customer service is excellent.  Rita

Your cards are absolutely beautiful and I will pray for the success of your business. I committed to using cards I already have this year since we won't have family portraits done in time. I will keep you in mind for the future. Are you advertising on social media? Send me a link and I will gladly share. MH


These beautiful  greeting cards are uniquely, well crafted & verbally relevant.  Definitely not your average off-the-shelf fare!  A must-have for those special occasions & special people. VW, Memphis, TN 2019

I was first met by Genita’s talent the day I needed a Remembrance card for my daughter who passed away a year ago. Not knowing for certain which way I was supposed to go about this, Genita took it upon herself the task of creating this card which reflected not only my daughter’s beauty, but the great love and kindness of her heart. Genita found a beautiful way to express all that my daughter meant for us.Thanks Genita you are truly a gifted artist and friend!  PE, Carrollton, Tx 2019


I’ve gotten 50 plus cards from Gigi. Each has a uniqueness of its own. And each is so detailed and well made.  Friends and family I’ve sent them to are very much impressed.   Going to keep ordering. , BG, Dallas, Tx 2019

I have ordered and received over 75 cards from Gigi's.  The cards are beautiful and tell the person I am sending them to exactly what I want to say.  I have never had a problem working with the company.  They take my ideas and run with them with a professional and beautiful result. I will certainly continue purchasing. BD, Dallas Tx 2019

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